Monday, May 31, 2010


Kids got home from their weekend at Dave's family's home. They have a pond right in their side yard, and it's so beautiful, they all went for a swim, including Kiley for a few minutes. Melanie said she splashed and had a blast with her Daddy in the water, then she got out and played in her swimming pool. They said she didn't sleep good at night while there, but I keep telling them, she will get used to going for the weekend as she grows up.
Grandma Geri had such a good time spending time with her too. Melanie said they played a lot, and Kiley kept giggling at her everytime she would talk to her. I am so glad Geri got to spend several days with her. I am sure she misses her very much between visits. I like to encourage the kids to go as often as they can to visit, for I enjoy watching Kiley grow and learn, so I know Geri does too.
When they got here last night and Kiley saw me, she did her little "uuaa" and dived into my arms. She then did the same to Aunt Leslie, and while Leslie was holding her, she reached over and touched Grandpa's cheek and "uuaa" him too. We put her on the floor and here comes Patches running over to her, so she leaned down and with her mouth open to give the kitten a kiss, the kitten put her nose up to recieve it. Was so cute, Patches had her playmate back. Kiley got out her toys and the kitty and her played with all the little easter egg farm people and animals they each love to play with. Dave and Kiley will spend the day while Melanie works, then they will spend the evening and cook out with us for supper.
Not sure weather I will be able to go to farm and finish planting, but I will head up and water my transplants at least. Fingers still tingling even while sitting here typing, but at least my ankle isn't hurting near as much as it was. Maybe I can wear shoes today and not have to sit with it up most of the day.


  1. Happy Memorial Day.
    Give those fingers and your shoulder a rest.
    Go splash in Kiley's pool and enjoy the day.

    Send up a prayer of thanks for those who sacrificed so we may enjoy a beautiful day.


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