Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Circus at our House

I think we have a circus going on in the family room with Patches and Kiley during nap time, or suppose to be nap time for the grand baby. I put Kiley in her playpen for her nap this afternoon, and it wasn't 5 minutes til the new kitten Patches had figured out how to climb the side of the playpen and get in with her, then climb back up and walk
around the top edges of it just out of
Kiley's reach. They seemed to have fun, and it revived Kiley so, that she didn't get her nap in til much later.

Kiley had her 9 month Doctor visit today. She is doing real good the doc said. She is in 90% for her height and 75% for her weight, and doc said she seems to be doing very well. Asked if she is eating table food yet, and yes she is some things, and doc said she seems to be doing good with it, but we will keep her on partial baby food still, she has yet to cut teeth. Doc said she can see the teeth, but they just haven't come thru yet.
Oh, can you see the little bracelet on her wrist? Her Daddy made that for her, and she loves it, doesn't bother her it being on her, and I told her it was her pretty like Grandma's rings are her pretties. So now she touches my rings and then her bracelet and smiles. Doc said most kids would have a fit and not keep something like that on their arms. She was amazed that it didn't bother Kiley. Well, her mom and Aunt Leslie wear one too, so we guess she figures she needs one too.
We went out tonight and bought her a little walk behind baby stroller, for she is at the stage of wanting to walk, but yet not walking unassisted yet. It sits put together right now with Elmo as the passenger for her. She will get to try it out on Thursday, as her Dad is off work Wednesday and will keep her home with him. A day off for Grandma to do some work that gets put off while she is here everyday.

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