Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kiley's first swim

Oh what fun we had today. Aunt Leslie bought Kiley a swimming pool earlier this spring. This weeks hot weather made it a must get out and let Kiley swim day today. So Leslie blew up the pool and added hot water to it then cooled it down with the garden hose to just the right temp for little one to be in.
So, we pulled out the brand new swim suit, and put her into her pool to play. She just loved it. She splashed and crawled around and laughed and just had so much fun entertaining Aunt Leslie and I. Of course we took more pictures than we needed, but it was just so cute watching her, it made our day. I am sure she will be in this little pool most of the summer. Aunt Leslie said she was jealous that she couldn't get in with her and play too. Maybe I will have to let her get wet with the garden hose one day.

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