Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Garden Grows

Today was spent hoeing volunteer corn out of my garden. So far not many weeds seem to be growing, that's a very good thing. But the corn which the deer and rabbits didn't eat this winter go disked under and now it is sprouting all over my garden area. I am disappointed that after I planted 3 rows of potatoes, I have only one lone little plant growing. I am hoping to see more sprout in the next week or so, if not, I will till up area and plant something else there. My green beans, radishes, lettuce, spinach and carrots seem to be doing great. My tomatoes, sweet corn and green peppers are slowly taking off, now I need to work the other part of my garden and start planting the later seeds, so I have producing veggies all summer, into the fall. I have cucumbers and zucchini yet to plant along fence line too.

Then I have all my flowers to get planted, but working the rest of the area needs done before any of those goes in. My herbs will be planted in corner area also. My green onions have not come up yet either. Don't know why, as onions are usually very easy to grow.

Today I had to ready outside the fence to plant grass seed around outside the garden area to keep it from washing out so bad, since I put the garden on a slight hill side. I used 3 bags of grass seed, and think I need a couple more to make sure it's going to cover good.

My nephew come up this morning to look at field cultivator and see what is needed for welding it where I broke it working the ground while Steve was planting. He said it had been welded there before, and was breaking in the weld spot for awhile. So now we can get it fixed before we need it again. He will weld it and then weld a plate over the weld area to strengthen it. Glad he's a welder, that's one thing I never had any interest in knowing how to do. Guess I don't like working in the dark.

Got home and Leslie had the mail, she said we had 4 license letters. Sure enough, all the June due license came on the same day. Grain truck, D-plate on red 4x4, plate on Steve's blue truck, and the trailer license is all due end of June. Great, another chunk out of the pocket book for the broke state of IL. I think when Obama left IL , he took all the money with him, for this state is so broke, they can't even pay the school districts, and there are signs all over the county stating IL owes $$ to the schools, and Gov. Quinn saying we are broke and have no money. Guess Ryan scared the backers of the state when he got caught taking his share a few years ago.

Anyway, I got the corn hoe'd out of planted areas and plan to till the unworked ground for future planting, and the grass seed is sown too. I mowed some, but most is too tall for my little mower, Steve will have to use the shredder now to get the tall stuff cut.

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  1. Our government is asking for a sales tax increase to keep the education budget balanced, but from those reading the bill, it won't do that! I got an idea-how about cutting expenses??


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