Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sun, Moon and Blisters

Sun shined all day long, not a cloud in the sky. Light breeze to make sitting in the shade for breaks just a beautiful day. While gardening yesterday, I know to where gloves when using tools, such as hoe, rake, and tiller, yet somehow just the idea of being alone and enjoying the time to work in garden, well gloves were the last thing I was thinking about. Now I pay for the thoughtlessness. I will take the blister in reminder that I had a very peaceful day to myself and my music while I gardened and enjoyed the sights at the farm. Again I thanked Steve's folks for the memories and the land, recalling many times we spent in the field where now I have my garden in a corner of a piece of their former family farm. Steve and I will visit the gravesites of our parents this weekend and spend sometime reflecting on those memories and others which we hold dear in our hearts.
The moon is full these last 2 days, looking out the window it almost looks like twilight, even the trees have shadows under them looking like shade spots in the dark. I sit here and wonder how many people tonight are enjoying the moon from their own homes and if they too took a minute to stand and enjoy the view and add up a prayer and a big thank you to God for such a sight of beauty and peacefulness just staring into it.
Got quite a lot acomplished yesterday in garden, yet not as much as I had hoped to accomplish. Cousins got moved into their place this weekend, so while I had to quit for the day gardening, I come home to an empty house and after a refreshing shower and knowing Steve would be home late for he was mowing waterways at farm, I revived and was able to get my living room carpet mostly steam cleaned. When it dries now, I will be able to move the furniture to cleaned area and steam clean the rest of it, then rearrange it and put furniture back into it and get the walls and stuff cleaned. Another mental thing to ease the mind of my weird troubled brain. lol
Today will find Steve and I heading back to farm and continuing for him, the mowing which is about 3 weeks behind due to weather, and me again crawling around in the dirt playing in my garden and the only things watching while I dance to my music is the dozens of different birds flying around in the trees while I work. We even had a little humming bird visit out truck yesterday while Steve and I were talking in corner of garden. I think cause the truck is red, the little bird thought it was a mega find in a red flower. It buzzed around the tail lights back and forth for a few seconds then went in hunt of real necture into the woods. Cute though, for it was only a matter of feet from us standing there. Maybe it will come back once my flowers are blooming in the garden, it sure would be welcome to come back and hang out with me on the days when I am there to enjoy watching it. Will keep an eye out when blooms come onto flowers now. A new little friend to entertain me.

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