Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mudding thru for a peek

I walked along the edge of the corn field today to see if corn crop Steve planted last week was up, and sure enough it is looking good.
Reason I was able to take picture of corn is, I couldn't stand it any longer. I had to go to farm to check out my garden. Mud and all. I was able to get in the driveway and down to corner, but couldn't turn around for the mud. I got out of truck and walked in the mud just to take picture of garden and see how it is growing.

It is growing real well after the inch and half of rain and then more showers this last week. Oh boy, the weeds have come in with the rain too. As soon as it drys I will have to get tiller in there and get them knocked out.
My tomato plants look good, and my lone potato plant which survived is growing great. Wish more had come up, for it looks like I would of had a good crop this fall. I will tend and weed this lone potato plant and hope for at least enough to get seed money back from my seed potatoes which I bought. I still have things to put in, but waiting for the timing of produce to be ready and producing thru-out the summer season into fall. Things I planted have only been in just around a month, so another week or two and I can start planting again. I will add my flowers to garden as they are able to be transplanted, they are growing in window sills in kitchen as I type.
Can't wait to be able to start harvesting radishes and lettuce, for they will be the first things we can eat out of garden. Then the waiting for the first tomato to ripen.
Anticipation is half the reason for gardening for most people. It sure is around here.


  1. Yup. You just reminded me how far behind I am on my gardening!!!

  2. I learned something a few months ago about rain and why plants grow better with it than just watering them. The lightning introduces (something I can't remember) into the air and it gets caught in the rain and nourishes our plants. And science tries to say there is no Creator! Phht!


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