Saturday, May 22, 2010

Making Friends

There is nothing like having a best friend, and ones never too young to start making friends. Kiley and Patches seem to have hit it off very well. At first Kiley wanted to pull kitties hair and touch her hard, but with constant watch and correction Kiley has learned to be gentle with the kitty, and now the kitty thinks she needs to be everywhere Kiley is. Neither of them know how to share yet, as the toys are taken away from each other by each other. So far they are both even on who wins what toy.

The biggest challenge now seems to be keeping them out of things. When one is investigating somewhere, something they are not suppose to be investigating, the other is either waiting in the wings to do the same thing, or else already there helping. I am sure I will have my hands full when Kiley is here when she is walking and the two of them start running thru the house and climbing on everything. Should be a circus here by then. Oh, I just can't wait...........


In my Attic

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