Monday, May 17, 2010

Patches - Kiley - Sharing

Introducing Patches, my new little kitten. Thank you Tony and Tara. She has already figured out she can climb behind me on my desk chair and I will scoot over and let her have over half to get comfortable on for a nap.

She found a hiding place away from Kiley, behind the chair in family room, there sits a basket of Steve's farm show magazines, on top of the magazines, there lays a old teddy bear. On top of this teddy bear lays my little kitten, hiding from that 9 month old baby who likes her too much and pulls the tail and the hair and wants to kiss her all the time.

When I am able to get the chair moved back into living room, my kitty won't have that place to hide then. But til company gets moved, she should be safe. Patches has found she can get me to pick her up if she climbs my leg. Well of course I am going to pick her up, my leg isn't a tree, and her sharp little claws leave holes for blood to drain out of me. She's very loving, is learning "No" real fast, and has learned to entertain herself by climbing on my trophy cabinet and chewing on the muffler of the tractor lamp, which gets my attention real fast and gets her held and petted and scolded, too.

When the grandpuppies come to visit, a border collie and a corgi, they stay clear of the kitten, she is a terror when she puffs all up and spits and hisses at them, for her claws are razor sharp and makes the dogs whine when she connects with their noses. So while walking in a room with the kitty any where in sight, the dogs take the long way around the area she is at. I am sure within a couple weeks they will all be playing together, but for now, I will let her be boss of the house.

Kiley on the otherhand, well, the kitty lets her be boss, and runs and hides when she is down on the floor anywhere in sight of the kitten. Patches does like Kiley's toys, but Kiley goes and takes them away from when her if she sees her with one. I keep telling Kiley she needs to learn to share. LOL

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  1. Patches sounds like a really fun kitty! I've had this open to read almost all day. Finally got to it and am glad I did!


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