Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just another day

Little Kiley has a day with Daddy today. They should have lots of fun as he's much younger than I to chase after her and enjoy her antics. At almost 9 months old, she is so fun to watch and interact with. She loves to learn and do things she sees. I see so much of both my girls in her that the memories are so precious she evokes. Melanie and Dave did real good when they made this little grandbaby for the family to enjoy.

My day is just to find things to do inside, as the 4 tenths inch of rain last night and the 3 tenths night before put a hamper on my outside activities. Steve got his lawn mower finished last night, so now we can use it to mow at track area also. Should make mowing move so much faster. Funny how I have down days when there is no outside work to be done. I think after keeping busy inside over the winter months, I don't like to have to find things to do inside in the spring and summer months. Then after the long hot summer into fall, I look forward to working inside as it's so much cooler than sweating away outside. But so far the heat hasn't been unbearable, so I am still wanting to play outside.
I do find things to have to walk around outside to check, but then I want so bad to play in the soil and I have painting to do on the shed, sanding to do on an old wagon I am refinishing, but the rain has put a damper on those things for the time being. I need to go shopping for some wood, I still have flower boxes to make for front window, guess that's a task I can do. Lumber yard shopping.


  1. I'm gonna send you a plane ticket to come here and expend some of that energy!

  2. You always have a list of things to do. So do I, but yours get accomplished so much faster.


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