Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just another Day

Dodging the rain, getting things ready to plant. It was a little muddy when Steve brought the tractor to our farm last night, and when he pulled in the drive, he motioned for me to follow him in his truck. I shook my head "no" and pointed to me and then pointed to tractor, pointed at him and then pointed to the truck. I didn't want to drive the truck back to area to get field cultivator, with it being so slick and muddy, lol, so he let me drive the tractor back and he drove the truck. I figured I could get back there without much trouble on the tractor, I had more rubber holding me up out of the mud holes.
Steve drove the stakes in that had worked up on field cultivator and counted how many we needed which have fallen out.
While he was working on that, I walked around taking pictures of the sky, the tractor, him working, my garden, tree line along side our creek. Fought off the buffalo gnats, boy they are annoying little insects.
Got home about 7, so supper was late night again. Get used to it after so many years, but our house guests aren't quite used to it. There way of life is so different than ours, and they are amazed at the things we do. It's just life for us, nothing different than we have done most years, only thing now is we have to make all the decisions, which we wish we had paid more attention and were more active in the paper work area, not just the physical part of the operation. But we are learning, and things are looking good, it just takes time, planning, and hard work.

Today we plan on planting. I will run one of the tractors, and Steve will do the other one. Will decide when we get to the field which one does what. One has to work ahead of the other one planting. I too will work some in my garden. I have quite a lot of volunteer corn coming up all over. At least with some of the stuff up, I know what to weed out and what to leave in. I marked my rows for that purpose too, so I know what and where it's all planted. Green beans, sweet corn, radishes, lettuce, carrots, and spinach is up so far. Still watching for green onions and potatoes to emerge.
So off I head to get things going for the day. Kiley and I had breakfast together this morning, and today was first day I let her eat on her own, she enjoyed her scrambled eggs, and toast. Did real well feeding herself. I took pictures of course.


  1. Oh My! What gorgeous sky! Have a beautiful and productive day :)

  2. Your posts bring a smile to my face!


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