Sunday, May 23, 2010

He's still got it.

Since my blogging is mostly journaling for myself, I won't be embarrassed to write this.
Yesterday I oggled Steve and got all warm inside like when we were dating and first married. After 30 years, the man still turns me on. We spent the afternoon together, just the two of us. He had to work his half day on Saturday this weekend, so I got mowers ready and loaded on trailer, charged the batteries for his cordless impact, sorted thru my "to the farm" totes, un-knotted rope and rolled it up for future ease of use, raked up more tree debri from flower bed and driveway, put tires from my truck onto trailer, then sat down with glass of tea to wait for him to get home from work.
He had his lunch, and we headed to track to mow, which is when I started watching him as we passed each other. Radio blaring from my earphones, country songs about having a sexy tractor and taking it for a ride, brought back memories of when we were first married that spring of 1980, he helped his Dad put crops in. I rode with Steve as he worked the ground, til my butt got sore from the fender, then I would sit and watch him from the bed of the truck, or take walks around the woods close to the fields to pass my time.
So today as we passed each other I again noticed the things I loved to watch him do all these years, just one of those "sigh" moments. I offered up a thank you God prayer for making Steve just for me. A prayer that I have resited many many times over the years.
Then when we were done mowing, he had to put tires on the dirt scrapper, and I got to oggle his muscles at work. I have always loved to watch his muscles when he lifted, turned, or repaired things, he has always been big and strong. The years have been very good to him, and he still has the best looking arms I have ever seen. And the power and strength of those arms I'd trust anywhere anytime for anything.
So he packed the wheel bearings with grease, and mounted the tires and the whole time my little heart just went patter patter patter and my mouth watered and I probably drooled shamelessly, so glad we were alone out there, and I oggled that man like a hussy. I often wonder if other woman are like this with their husbands, do they still after all those years find the man they married is still the man they fell in love with and why. I have seen it in the elderly, I watched it first hand in my in laws relationship, and I see it in the mirror when I think of my Steve, and I feel it when I watch my girls with Daddy and now when we have Kiley around.
Steve, til the day I die and beyond, I will always love you. Thank you again God, for making him just for me.

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