Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No, I have not lost it......yet.

Thinking of winter and snow and Christmas today. 207 days til Christmas, let the countdown begin. lol
Just thought I would make a list of things I can work on this winter while cooped up in the house with the cold and snow. That's what prompted the thoughts of this journal, not that I have lost it...yet. Well, depends on what day it is and who you ask, if I have lost it.
After a post over on CM, I followed a link, and come across a very interesting site which gave me inspiration to look at everything before I throw it away. Containers, papers, magazines for pictures, and even those long ago dishes, vases, and glass candle holders I usually throw away, now they can be recycled and put to uses around the house and gardens as attractive accent pieces. The possibilities are endless, and will help beat the winter blahs for anyone who wants the challenge. Depending on the personality of person, they will also make very nice Christmas gifts too. Hence, this journal post.
On my next shopping expedition, I am going to look into the purchase of paint, glue, unique bottles and containers when purchasing my products. At auctions, old watering cans, containers, old dishes, etc. Those old pipes, metal rods, motor guts, and steel posts from Steve's shed will finally be put to use in making stands for my crafts. I won't always be asking Steve why he keeps this or that, for I will find ways of using them for him.
So in summing up, I again will get thru the winter with things I like to do and hoping to make Christmas easier on the pocketbook as well as giving something homemade for those to cherish and enjoy the next spring and summer in their gardens and yards. My issue of a challenge, to myself, for me.

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