Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 Yellow Roses (first blooming)

My yellow rose bush has bloomed for the first time this year. They are big like last year and the bush has a total of 8 roses on it. 3 have bloomed fully, the others will bloom within the next week.
My red rose bush didn't make it thru the winter. I could kick myself for not keeping the tag from this bush to know exactly what type rose bush it was.

Last year this same bush got to be over 7 foot tall and bloomed all summer long. Don't do anything special with them, just leave them be and they grow to whatever size they want. I am hoping to run across another similar rose bush this summer or next spring and buy it and plant where the old red one was. I love the color of these yellow ones so much, I think I will stay with like colors for all the green in my flower bed. Late summer, early fall, my bed will be colored with purple and white and cream color flowers, along with my bright red canna's. Can't wait to capture the colors as they bloom on the rest of my plants.

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