Thursday, April 29, 2010

Catching up

Even the little one gets to help mow the yard. Grandpa was mowing and Kiley decided it was a Papa night, so he let her go for a ride with him, without the mower deck engaged tho. Can't be too safe with little ones during the summer time when mowing, or gardening with small children. Here he was setting her down so she could play with the steering wheel. She didn't do to bad of a job going slow and keeping it straight. But I told Steve that is because she hasn't figured out that turning the wheel hard would make her go crooked during her driving. lol She is still to little to turn the wheels at all, but with time, she'll figure that out.
Bought her a baby swing, put it up on the back porch for her to swing in. She likes it well enough til she's ready to be down playing on the porch, which means keeping her out of the dirt and rocks at the edge of it. A major task when she's so fast to take off crawling away from me when I put her down.
I ran into a farmer from Brussels that Steve services his equipment this morning at John Deere picking up springs for our planter, he got to see Kiley and how big she is growing. yes, we have something green, not all our equipment is red, just our tractors. lol
Planned on mowing first thing this morning at pull area, but Steve said he would come straight home after getting battery off 706 tractor and he would help me mow tonight. The wind has been blowing all day long here, made any type of hair do into something totally punked out.
Hoping rain holds off til late Friday afternoon so I can get to garden and see how it's growing, and maybe stick in some of my tomato plants and green pepper plants.
Shopped at Walmart this morning, picked up some new toys for Kiley to play with, she's getting bored with her little baby toys, so now she has some little trucks, a peek-a-boo baby doll, a farm see-n-say, a talking turtle, a ball with shapes to scatter all over, and a little piano that lights up. She's enjoying them.
Time to head out and gas up and check oil on mowers and lad them onto trailer so I can head out and start mowing and Steve can meet me there.
Loved the 80's weather we had today, even if it tried to blow us away.

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