Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween is right around the corner. It's not a holiday I participate in other than handing out candy for the little ones who come Trick or Treating at our home. I think growing up, we didn't do much for it either and I never come up with the spirit of the holiday other than Thanksgiving and Christmas was right behind it.
I enjoyed making my girls costumes for years, and I attended their parties at school. Several years we attended some hayrides at one of my brothers place. Then as the girls reached teen years, they wanted to have a bonfire and small party, we made sure they had them and we had fun with them, but nothing like traditions set. But this year, we are pondering the bonfire thing at the farm with family and friends with music and hot dog/marshmallow roasting, sitting around the fire and also having a hayride around our farm. Our Dave loves Halloween and this would be a perfect time to plan on starting a tradition for us all just to add to the other holidays we are making tradition with the family.
In planning this party, means making list of things needed as well as getting things ready up at the farm. As of today, the little C is done other than carburetor and lines put on it, so that project is done on my part, and this will give me one last thing outside to do before being cooped up in the house for the winter. I am really looking forward to sharing some time with those we love seeing and visiting with.
So it's off to make the list and get things done around here and then make trek to farm to see what I need to get done to set up and have area ready for our get together.

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