Friday, October 9, 2009

Rainy Days and Nights

I think I am done with rain, for the next few weeks if mother nature reads this. Here at our place, we have gotten almost 5 inches dumped on us in 36 hours. I know other places have been harder hit, but this spring and summer has been gully washers here. I makes it hard to get things done which I would really like to do before getting cooped up in the house for the winter. I know that if it was draught time here I would be complaining about that too and wishing for rain. But it sure would be nice to have showers when needed and dry time when we have things to do. lol
I baked a cake today, trying out some new things before the holiday, to see if I want to include them in my baking. Well the recipe I did today is going to be modified when I re-make it. Just wasn't what I was looking for in a coconut cake. Leslie was off today, and she made brownies. We both got to take care of little Kiley, she even spent the night last night with us. She slept for 7 hours straight for us. Mommy said she hopes she sleeps like that for her tonight. Then she napped off and on all day long, guess the little thing was just wore our with playing with Grandma the last 3 days. Tonight Grandma is wore out. lol

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