Saturday, October 24, 2009

The C is done.

The seat come in for the little C, so we put it on today and Steve took it for a little drive. He ended up having to re-work the carburetor, but now it runs great. Little Kiley got to sit on it, it will be her tractor when she's big enough to drive it around. Until then, Grandma and Grandpa and Mom and Dad will take her for rides on it. We plan to put a wagon behind it for using at the farm, and for pulling her around in. This little tractor will be great for pulling the wagon for picking up debris and hauling things thru out the farm with. It took all summer to complete this one, but it sure turned out pretty if I do say so myself. lol

Kiley spent the night last night. She got her 2 month shots on Wednesday, and Friday she didn't feel too good. After a battle in the evening she finally went to sleep at 10:30 and slept til 5:30am. Today she felt a little better, but you can still see she isn't her usual self. I will be glad when she is feeling better, and the warm spell we had today, she was able to get outside and get some fresh air for a few minutes. She even got a wrench to play with from Grandpa. I keep telling him that if she is here and he's working on something she will have to have some tools to work with too. So he gave her one and she looked so cute holding it. So today we got the tractor pretty well done. Steve is still running some wiring for the lights, and needs to put the battery box and battery on it, but other than that, this one is done. I need Steve to get the tractor seats off the 706 and 966 so I can cover them before the winter gets here. Maybe he will get the 966 one tomorrow and I can get it done now, for that tractor is still here and the 706 is at the farm, and with the almost 3 inches of rain we got on Thursday again, we can't get back to it right now, unless we want to wade in the mud. So it will wait til later in next week for him to get it and bring it home. Guess I will make list of things for him to work on for tomorrow. lol He loves my "to do lists".

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