Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Painting Is Done

Today I finished painting the little C. Now we have to wait til it dries before handling it to put it all back together. So glad it is done before cold weather hits. Suppose to start in raining tonight then rain Thur. afternoon some storms to be severe. Expecting 1 to 3 inches to hit. So am glad tractor is done and I don't have to work in the dampness.
As soon as it is all put together I will be sure to place picture of it here in my blog.
I do have the front and rear wheels to paint but they are silver not red so they won't be quite as a big job as the overall tractor has been. It sure is red, suppose to be red, but til it completely dries the brightness stands out. It will dry a darker red, not so brilliant, but the shine right now is just blinding.
Had Kiley for the first day since Melanie went back to work, Dave was off on Monday and Tuesday so he kept her, she was sort of a stinker this morning, but she finally took nap on Aunt Leslie while I was out painting, then I come in and showered and gave her some more bottle and she zonked out for me and took over an hour nap. I got dishes done, her stuff gathered up for her mom to pick her up so they could head home, and all her other stuff put away that I had to have for her to spend the night last night. So got those things accomplished while she napped.
When Steve gets home from work tonight, we will put things away outside before the rain hits, and tomorrow I think I will bake some cookies that I want to try before Christmas, as I like to know what they will taste like before I include them in my list of goodies to make to give to friends and family.
While shopping Sat. afternoon, I picked up the ingredients I will need. So with the storm coming in, what a better way to be cooped up inside. Hope the rain isn't what they predict it will be. We really don't need 3 inches. We'll see come tomorrow.

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