Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yesterday Ramble

Trying to get things done has been one major feat for I can not control the pain anymore. Some days are better than others, but today wasn't one of the better ones. Set out to get quite a lot accomplished, got one third of it done.
Melanie went back to work today. She seems glad she has, and on the other hand, she went back to un-organization and she tackled it like a trooper. Then this being Dave's day off, he kept Kiley and she was a stinker for him. He come over in afternoon and she was good here for us. He just shook his head and I feel for him, he's a good Dad, just has to get used to the little things which make her a happy baby. Maybe my sanity as my own girls were small were the stories and odd little happenings I shared with them. I talked to them all day long, just little stuff, things I was doing, things I wanted for their future, my dreams of what they would be like when they grew up, things which bothered me, people who irked me, troubled thoughts I had, prayers I shared with God, just anything on my mind was heard by my little babies ears, what their little minds did with the processing of those things they heard didn't seem to hurt them, and they grew up being my best friends. So now I am taking the journey with doing this with my grand daughter, she will hear all about my life and be bored out of her mind, but also she will hear my voice and learn to live life to the fullest and laugh often everyday to keep her happy and love with all her heart the people and things in her life she chooses.
Worked on the little C today. Last week I thought by this time this week we would have it together, but things didn't work out that way. I guess I still need to have busy work and when the day comes when it is done and put together, I will not know what to do with myself. By then, the weather will chance for the season and I will be stuck inside working. So I will take this time to spend outside. Looks like rain is headed in for us, so I will need to get up early and get started if I want to get things done out there. The weather channel just showed snow falling in Montana. Winter is headed this way.

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