Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Friday, and the sun did shine....

The morning started off with rain coming down still. The hours crept by, but by afternoon, the clouds started to break up and it had only showered once since 10 am. As the day passed, I found work to do in the house, laundry, picking up, playing with Kiley, talking with Leslie, talking with Melanie on phone, put starting touch on covering the tractor seat off the 966, watched a movie with Leslie while Kiley napped (17 Again - which I highly recommend you watching if you have the chance). Then by 5 pm, the sun did shine for a little while til it set. But it really did shine. I went outside and raked some of the leaves around, into little piles out of the driveway and from in front of the shed. The wind picked up and I know it will take several days to dry things out, but just being outside and making some of the place look better made me feel better.
Steve got home, and he had worked out in this weather all week, so he vegged out on the couch in living room, I fixed us hamburgers and potato salad for supper. While I sit here writing this, I am also watching Monk. As far as TV shows go, this by far is the best show they have come out with in a long time. Adrian Monk has to be the farthest person from normal and I so enjoy watching the show. Someday I will own all the DVD's and be able to watch it anytime I want.
Leslie is at Melanie's watching scary movies together, which is great for I don't do those types of movies. Tomorrow night is Trick or Treat night here in town. I bought a big bag of candy bars, but not sure if we will have any little ones come. As the family doesn't have many in our town, and the ones here are all grown up now, we only get some neighbor kids stopping by. But that's ok, we just spend the evening watching TV and all of us in the same room together for change. lol
The weather people have fore casted mostly sunny skies for the next 6 days, so tomorrow Steve and I will spend time outside doing whatever we can around house here, for we can't get anything done on farm yet til it dries. But as soon as it does, we will get up there and get more done in clearing it and hopefully get the corn out. Then we will take down fence around garden, finish clearing it out, and get the trailer of wood to bring down to burn in the fireplace. Only been bringing down enough to fill wood box, but now that the cold is coming, we need the whole thing here so I can build fire daily. After all, my kitty loves laying in front of it and staying warm.

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