Friday, October 30, 2009

Typical Thursday for 2009 pattern

Thursday turned into a typical rainy day here again. 5 more inches fell, it's still raining this morning. Hope the forecast is right and we are in for a relief from all this wet.

Beach Boys music today sounds good to get myself out of the gray funk. Then will pop in some Christmas music to lift spirits.
Sitting here listening to the news, I add a little prayer for all the military over seas to stay safe. We have lost so many soldiers since this last war started. Praying soon it can end, and our men can come home.
Yesterday we had to pick up some groceries, and saw some really neat Christmas gift ideas. Can't say what, for peepers may see them, but got ideas on what to pick up for several on the list.
I noticed lately, my kitten has sure grown a lot since I got her. Looks like she might stay a small cat. She's starting to like Kiley and want to investigate her more closely, so I keep a close watch on them when they are in the same room together. Sassy doesn't understand that the moving baby feet and arms are not playing with her. Kiley stares at Sassy, and I tell her she is not to get Grandma's kitty cats tail when she is bigger, and of course Grandpa says Yes she can. But I am sure since they will grow up together, they will get along fine. Kiley has 2 puppy dogs at home. Dusty and Jade. They are good to her. They still don't quite know what to think of her, but they ride on each side of her in the backseat of the car and truck. They never bother her, and Jade sometimes lays her head on the side of the car seat and sleeps like that. I am sure they will be very protective of her as she gets to walking and playing. Especially with Jade, for she loves to play ball, and as soon as Kiley is big enough, I plan on teaching her to throw for Jade while Mom and Dad are at work. Course Daddy will teach her that also, Jade is his dog as well as protects her Grandma too.
Steve headed to work this morning, said he probably wouldn't do much today for the rain is keeping farmers out of fields. Since no one is combining, no one has break downs right now. Then when weather gets better, any one who has a break down will want fixed right away so they can get crops out before more rain. It sure puts him on the road a lot of the time, hitting as many farmers places in one day as he can to get them running again.
Guess I will clean house today, get things done up, for Steve is off the weekend, and he can vegg out if he wants, or we can piddle around outside if the rain is gone. The shed does need some more organization-ing, I am not done straightening out in there, but need the help to put things on shelf and get things down.
Lets all pray for the wet areas to be dry for awhile and those in flooding areas not be uprooted long.

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