Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Will the rain ever stop to allow us to get crops out?

I'm beginning to wonder if the rain will ever stop to allow us to get our crops out of the field. It has rained so much this year, it makes me think we will be in for a drought coming in the next year or so. We don't need that, but the rain is making the rivers rise, and since we are not far from the IL/Miss. joining, our neighboring counties are getting the rising water into their areas causing some concerns of flooding. There have been many floods in those areas, but God sees to it to allow those who own there to rebuild and replant.
The rain is tampering with our plans for our place on our little farm. Guess things are not meant to be for now. God has a way of protecting us from something happening when he allows nature to prevent us on our journey. I do believe he protects us by letting roadblocks block our paths in our destinations.
It rained here all day and is still misting out. As I look out the window at the roads, they shine like ice layers on the pavement with the streetlights reflecting on them. I sit her tonight in the family room watching/listening to Halloweentown High movie on the TV. Steve is vegged out on the couch in living room watching something, not sure what. Leslie is in her room, probably watching her TV or on her computer looking for work.
I got a call from my cousin a couple hours ago, we chatted for a few minutes and I filled her in on the trip to Children's Hospital with Kiley today. Her test come back normal and she has not inherited reflux like Leslie had. I think I will work a while on my crocheting of baby blanket for Kiley for Christmas for few minutes. Then wilh the rain, it made the day dark and gray, so makes me tired and I think I will crawl into bed a little early tonight. I am reading a book by Fern Micheal's, her latest in series of vigilante books. They sure are enjoyable to read. Then I will fall asleep for a couple hours before being up again soon. Shoulder gives me fits so often, and I can't lay for more than 3 hours, and I am up to let it hang down and re pull the muscles away from the neck. Life isn't the same since I fell and tore up the rotator cuff. I often wish for the "if I could go back to one day and do something different, what day would it be..." That day would be the one I would go back to.
Wishing for some sunshine tomorrow and I might just get some of the millions of leaves raked which are laying on the ground right now. Just Sunday, there wasn't many, and I had cleaned up around the shed and driveway, only to see them all laying out there now like I didn't rake any of them. lol The trees still have quite a few leaves left on them, but if we use the yard sweep we can get most of them up now and then have a few for later on.
I am hoping Steve will get in the mood to put up the Christmas lights on the house, not plugged in yet, set on timer like we usually do, but just get them up so we aren't working outside in the bitter cold doing them later on. But we will see if the weather cooperates some and we get some nice evenings to come. Praying for good dry weather for next couple of weeks. God please hear my prayer. Amen

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