Saturday, October 17, 2009

Haunted House

I have read people posting about haunted houses and they post pictures of their homes expecting others to tell them they see something in the pictures. For me that does nothing. I don't believe you can feel the ghosts by looking at pictures.
I do believe my house has someone or someones in it. Over the years hearing noises when your home alone, or the two of us are sitting watching TV and hear the dishes rattle in the cabinet like someone placing a plate too hard while putting dishes away just isn't the house settling. I do think it is my in laws, and I have never had bad things happen, never have goosebumps breakout on me, or feel negative energy when I feel them around. I have come to learn to talk to them and ask them things on my mind, for those are the times the "guests" are more noticeable.
Back in 1980 when Steve and I bought our house, I would not step foot in the spare bedroom after dark. For some reason I never felt comfortable going in there and I would be scared the whole time if I did enter that room. BUT, mind you, I had guests which slept in that room and never had any problems with feeling weirded out. I didn't talk of my fright, but I often wondered why it was only me, not Steve, nor any guests. There were times when I would shut the door to it also, when I was home alone during the day time even. In 1982 I got pregnant with our first. We were waiting for our income tax to fix up the room for baby. In April 1983, 3 months to due date, our house caught fire and that room is the one which burnt. The rest of the house was only smoke damaged, but everything in that room was lost. It held all our wedding gifts, ribbons, cards, high school memorabilia, stuff like that. There was nothing of baby arrival things in there, just storage items. After the fire, I was never afraid of that room again. It was like I knew it was a lost room when we bought the house. That's how I thought of the room, just lost. Then 4 years ago, we noticed a lot of vibes of someone in the same room as you, when no one was. The vibes were very peaceful, not threatening, or eerie, nothing to make your hair raise on your arms or back of your neck kind of feelings. Just a wanta talk to who ever is there sort of thing. At that time we were going through a major life change with Steve's Dad having a stroke and that was the beginning of movement and sharing of our home with who ever came. I often wonder if it is Steve's Mom, she died in 1992, and Steve's Dad was the last of our parents left. The ghost stayed here, and at times was more noticeable than others, usually when Steve's Dad wasn't doing so well, and Steve was so lost in his life during that time, for his way of life had come to a complete stop, and his family let him down so fast and hard, I often thought it was his Mom here helping comfort him in that time. Then the day came when his Dad passed away. A heartbreak as well as a relief too, for the man had suffered and lost love for his family for leaving him so alone. Steve's heartbreak was so major that he had no fight left in him at all. He eventually just let go and let his brothers deal with the last year. After his Dad passed, is when we started hearing things in another room, and I told Steve it was his parents, and that his Mom is the safe feeling one and his Dad is the noisy one, often getting your attention with the movement of something to make the noise. I talk to them when I feel them here. And just a couple weeks ago my cousin and her husband spent the night, she told me she thought someone was sitting in chair in her room, and she wasn't scared, just didn't bother them for the chair she was going to read in. The very next day, my son in law was hit in the side in their truck and it rolled 2 and half times over, he didn't get a scratch out of it. Totaled the truck, but God had to have been riding with him, and my ghost must have been waiting to be here for us when it happened. So now I call them my guardian angels, and I know if I ever need to talk, they are always here to listen and let me feel their presence. I often think of my in laws, they were such good people, they will always be memories I will treasure and I am sure Steve has so many that is why he is such a happy person.

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