Thursday, October 22, 2009

Starting Christmas gifts

Started making an Afghan for Kiley. She watched me for a while today. She kept watching as my hands and fingers moved, I know she was wondering what in the world I was doing. Then of course, Grandma wasn't giving her attention, so she fussed and of course I picked her up and told her for the millionth time, she was Grandma's baby doll. I nicknamed her that, cause she looks like a baby doll. That little face, and bright eyes, and tiny little bitty mouth, her button nose. Well, the picture on left here shows what I am talking about. I love to play with her and she loves to listen to Christmas songs, any music really. She also loves the color red. I am sure she will grow up and her favorite color will be red, which will make her Grandpa and I very happy as we are very red people in our collection of tractors.

Today it was raining again, I think it is becoming a pattern on Thursdays, any way, i got out my yarn a couple days ago, and have now really begun to show some progress on it. It will only be one big granny square, but it will be white, lavender and light pink. Little girl colors. I hope she likes it well enough to hang onto it for years to come, maybe even save it back for her own baby someday.

She gets to spend the night again tomorrow night. She is good baby for us once she goes down for the night. I still get up and down all night long, but she sleeps through my messing around being up. Aunt Leslie is off tomorrow night, maybe she will want her in her room with her. Leslie does love her so much and as Kiley gets older and likes to see Leslie play with her, they are getting that much closer.

I have some thoughts on what all I want to make for Christmas and this afghan is just the beginning. I also have some jars to paint and put potpourri in for some people on the list too. Then there are the baskets I have an idea of making also. Then I will have to be prepared to bake just in time to fill those baskets. Goodies are always welcome to all our family and friends. And they take time to prepare and I also add lots of love to each batch I make. lol

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