Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Sunday Success

Today was a success here at our place. We aimed to get our shed cleaned out and things done up outside, things put away in basement, and the yard got mowed too. If it wasn't for Dave's help though, it would not have been done near as fast as it was. So glad we got one great son in law.
The shed had all my painting things laying around in containers and buckets, so I collected them and put them into a large tote, and the guys packed it to basement for me, so the fluid and paint doesn't freeze. The shelf in the shed needed repaired, that made taking everything off it and then fixing it, and putting everything back on it. We eliminated a lot of the card board boxes I used while painting. All in all, Steve has a truck load of things to haul off to dump. lol We couldn't find 2 bolts for the drawbar of the C, and Steve kept telling me I had painted them. But low and behold, I found them on the bottom shelf of wood/work cart. lol They had rolled off the cardboard they were painted on.
Anyway, the shed has been cleaned out also, so that is good for the winter months to come. We at least know where most everything is at now, or close to it. Steve and Dave talked about putting snow blade on mowers to push snow with if we get quite a bit this winter.
Still have to get up to farm and get it ready for the winter, but with the rain we had last week, if the sun don't shine quite a lot for several days that will be on hold a few more days also.
The C is almost done completely. The wheels have to be painted, and carb worked on, but Steve has it almost put back together. We also need to get a battery for it. Can't wait to be able to drive it for the first time. Looking forward to that.
Always something needing done around here, and we love doing them together. So I am sure next weekend we will find something else needing done and work on it too.

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