Monday, October 5, 2009

Pulling Season comes to end for 09"

Club pulling season come to an end today. Turn out was great. Hot dog roast was good, food only lasted for lunch, but nothing much left over, which is good thing.
Many members did not help out as usual, but visitors helped out tremendously, and us working members sure do appreciate the help we got from them. Sure wish some of the members which make the club look bad would just quit and go to some other club and do their bickering and stirring of trouble. But those kinds of members seem to just hang on and run off friendly pullers and make for poor turn out of pulls.
Hoping to run some ideas by some of the open minded members about some changes for next year. A big Thank you goes out to all those dedicated to helping us and hanging in there this year. To the other useless members, your day will come. Beware.......

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