Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It Runs.........

Tonight Steve and I worked on the little C. He had to get new gas line, hooked it up, put gas in the tank. Cranked it over, wouldn't start. Had fire going to all the plugs. Motor whirled over nice and free and fast. Just wouldn't hit and run. Changed plugs, checked rotor, adjusted mag position, still would not run.
HHMMMMmmm. Steve had me look in manual for firing order, 1-3-4-2, OK, check plug gap specs. .023 to .027, OK, then he changed the plug wires on the distributor cap one around each. BBRRRMMMM it started running right off. The little thing started faster than a car. OOHHH the relief and the pride we felt is beyond words. I guess I'd have to say it is close the feel of the birth of a child. Forget all the hard work to get to where we are at this very moment.
Now we wait the arrival of the seat. Steve ordered it on Monday, it's suppose to come in sometime this week. Oh I hope he gets it today. I can't wait to drive it around. Since I didn't get to drive it before we took it apart to restore, I really look forward to my first spin on it.
Since this tractor will be for Kiley, our grand daughter, I can't wait to get her picture taken on it. She is only 2 months old, but she will grow up knowing it is hers. Our tractors all have been designated to each of us. Steve has 2, the 706 and the 966, then I have the little 42-H, Leslie the 39-M, Melanie the 50-M, Dave the W-6, and now Kiley the littlest tractor in our collection, the little C. We are indeed an IH-Farmall family.

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