Monday, May 30, 2011

Playing on Kiley's little 1948 Farmall C

Dave didn't get any pictures of Kiley and I on her tractor, but she did get to ride around while Pa and Dave got the track worked and ready, and then Papa getting the sled out of the shed so we could see how her little tractor pulls it.

She loved going for a ride and kept laughing and waving at Papa, Daddy and Aunt Leslie as we drove by them.

Her little C here is completely restored by Steve and I. Motor building and tuning is Steve's department, the restored paint job is mine.

We finished this tractor just after Kiley was born, and Steve said it was hers when she grows up. I hadn't had a chance to drive it much, so today while we had it out testing the sled for small tractors to pull at our coming pull Sunday, I took advantage of getting used to it.

That feat wasn't easy for me. I struggled to get it into gear left handed. Darn right arm isn't strong enough to move the gear shift, but I managed to push the throttle forward and pull the sled. Steve ended up having to adjust the carburetor, but it finally sounded smooth and went right on down the track.

Earlier in the day, Leslie and I headed to farm to mow. Steve headed to finish washing planter, and 706 from planting in mud spots this year. When he was done to neighbors where the planter is parked in shed, he come to the farm and hooked the 966 up to shredder to mow the ditches/road banks, then he and Leslie headed back to neighbors to get the 706 to bring to town for pull, Leslie followed him in his truck. I headed home ahead of them with mowers on trailer, unloaded, made tea, and then joined them at the pulling track. Dave and Kiley met us out there too.

Mean time, temps soared into mid 90's, both window fans quit working while we were gone, and with the heat, I turned on the AC. Sure makes for more comfortable inside, but miss the fresh air of the windows open.

While at the farm, I checked on my garden. Everything is growing great. Rain helped everything green up, and my broccoli looks like it is starting to make little heads. My lettuce leaves are getting bigger, the tiny ones where great in my wilted lettuce salad the other night, but the bigger ones allow me to have many more salads than just the one like with first picking.

Plans for tomorrow are to head up to garden, work in it getting out any weeds that think they can set root in it, plant my zucchini, transplant the flowers from my starter boxes left over after planting what I wanted into my house flower beds, and tie my tomatoes to the panels. Before I leave, I have to remember to spray my animal repellent, as I saw deer tracks in my garden today. Darn things jumped the fence to feast on my plants. That's a big NO NO.


  1. I've never ridden on a tractor! Looks like fun! I bet my boys would love that!

    Happy Tuesday!


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