Friday, May 27, 2011

Eyes to the Sky Daily

Storms came and went all week long.

Some mornings it rained, then the afternoons brought another round, with tornado watches attached, other mornings were sunny and warm, afternoons hot and humid, bring another round of tornado watches and heavy rains.

Years past, we have had tornado watches, tornado warnings, have had tornadoes hit our town. But those tornadoes were bouncing tornadoes. Not one which hit and skid along for miles like the ones which have hit our neighboring state of MO.

Living in town, we don't have the view of a long distance sky, being able to see movement of the clouds. We can only see just right above us and around the trees and homes.

This years round of storms have put us on a whole different alert and preparedness at our home.

I have sent many prayers for those hard hit towns across the storm areas, it's the only thing I can offer of myself right now.

I am a firm believer in God, and I questioned if this was his way of turning non-believers into followers and believers. Not that He sent the storms, but that he allowed them to hear the prayers come from the minds and mouths of those who march against Him.

My own self fish prayers turned to prayers for others and not for my needs. Maybe a self awakening for many as it was for me?

God bless all those who lost loved ones, homes, business' and many they talk more to God and those who don't believe, may they become faithful to one God, the great God.

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