Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6, 2011

Time gets away from me. For some reason I thought today

was Tuesday, yet I knew it was Friday, cause I was thinking

today was Melanie's birthday.

I am beginning the think I don't even really think.

Today after errands again, and taking Steve's phone up

to him at work, I come home and sat under my new

heating/massage pad, got the back to feeling better,

then headed out to plant some flower seeds in starter

containers, along with some herbs. I got my inside

plants that go outside every spring/summer out

along the edge of the back porch. I guess that

shows I am confident it won't frost or get too

cold at night now.

This weather is something else, we had had the furnace

on off and on to take the chill off the house. Next week

forecast says it will get 89° of 90° on Tuesday and

Wednesday. Talk about bizarre.

Steve is working late with SD, and I needed to baby

the back/hip, so I just stayed home tonight.

I did make a delicious batch of banana nut muffins.

Left over pizza for supper and fresh hot buttered

muffin for dessert.

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  1. Yay! You're starting some plants! I need to get some cilantro planted. That's a cool crop fella. Don't you just LOVE you heating pad? I know what you mean about the weather. Can't figure it out. Been soccer season here for one of my kiddos. NO FUN let me tell ya!
    Rest up and have a wonderful Mother's Day. You deserve it!


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