Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2011 Garden adventures continue

This picture here is of a neighbors farm. It is a no till field from last year, covered in goldenrod. Fields all around us are full of this weed. It's pretty yellow flowers are nice to look at, but the farmers aren't happy with them being so invasive this year. Luckily for us, we worked out ground last fall, so we don't have the abundance of them on our ground.

This here is my latest play toy Steve bought for me to use in my garden. A customer of his lost her husband last winter and asked Steve if he'd be interested in buying it to get rid of it, as she said she would not need it. I've spent a few hours on it working my garden, and it sure was easier than the walk behind tillers we have to keep in straight line. lol Of course the best tiller we have is our cub cadet he bought me last year, only it takes a lot of man/woman muscle to hold it on my slight hill side garden. But it tills the finest soil and so it too gets used.

This is my tomato patch this year. 31 tomatoes of 4 varieties are planted and growing. No wilted ones and this is day 3 in the ground with temps in the high 80's. So looks like I will have a bumper crop of tomatoes again this year. I plan to make more sauces than anything with them as I still have some juice left. But last year was mainly juice made.

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