Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Accomplishmented on Friday May 20

Friday found me working in my garden the whole day. I had to use the yellow tiller to work the soil up again. It did a much better job fine tilling it than the tractor tiller Steve just bought a few weeks ago. Using this tiller took me all morning to get it tilled, but I got it done. Planted 2 kinds of parsley, radishes, and have zucchini to transplant now when it dries, in the middle of the garden. I had planned on working in the garden on Thursday, but spent that day working with Melanie making her a flower bed at her house. She and Dave got an early anniversary present from us, as we bought the blocks and plants for them.

This picture was taken as I sat in my truck while Steve hooked the disk up for me to bring down to our pulling area to work the track for our first pull coming up on June 5. He had the service truck from work and pulled home the dirt scraper, he said my truck wouldn't pull it. I think he just wanted to make me a nervous wreck pulling the disk.

I got a tad bit nervous when he backed the tractor up so close to my truck. I cringed and prayed he wouldn't hit me, and he didn't, but it still was too close for comfort as I watched in the mirror.

Got home, unhooked the equipment at track, come home, showered, and headed to store, something that had to be done for we were out of things and I couldn't wait til morning. By the time we got to the check out lane, my sore tired body just wanted to be home laying out on the bed and resting. I over did it working in garden, but I don't think I will ever learn. Can't wait to be able to get up to farm to see what all is growing, as I hope my corn and green beans have loved the rain, and hoping to see some blooms on my tomatoes.

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