Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hiding places from Gramma

Kiley has figured out she can crawl under the tractors and

Gramma can't reach her to take her in the house. She's yet

to figure out, Gramma has patience and catches her on the

other side.

Saturday April 30, I transplanted my pumpkins and broccoli.

We got a tiny frost May 3 night, but it didn't hurt any of my

things growing in garden. Didn't look like it hurt the corn

which some farmers have planted either.

Yesterday, I had volunteers to help go up to the farm

and help me get the brush cleaned up. We had trees

that fell over the winter, needed cut into firewood

and stacked, limbs picked up, waterway to be opened

to drain the water standing in field, and some mowing

to finish up. My helpers did a great job, and come

home tired and sore. They worked hard and I am

proud of them, it's not things they normally do, but

they hung in there.

So glad that part is finished, even tho there is more to pick,

but I can get that in the next couple days, if rain holds off.

Kiley has been so good while we work around at farm.

She got her first big tractor ride Sat. with Papa and I.

Now every time the big ones are started she cries to

go for a ride too. I am sure she will grow up to be

a little farmer, with her interest in all we do, she helps

with everything. She even picked up wood and sticks

yesterday, along with her daily dirt clods and picking

every dandelion seed head she could find.

So off I go to do some more getting things done on my

to do list. I love marking thru that list.

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