Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday May 16th Pictures

I got up yesterday morning, and first thing, I headed to the farm to check on our corn crop and my garden. I am so glad I did. Our corn is up about an inch tall, planted on May 8th. The rain I didn't like falling over the weekend, produced the results of helping the corn grow. Now I feel guilty for not liking being cooped up.

Under these strings tied to kabob sticks, lies my garden sweet corn, 2 kinds, and green beans, and a row of spinach, all planted on May 13th. They haven't sprouted yet, but hoping they do so soon, as the rain should help them out. Days are warm and sun filled right now, but nights are still chilly. Hoping the ground holds the heat allowing them to grow faster.

My tomatoes are thriving, growing fast, and needing tied to the cattle panels so they grow up, not out. I've had much success using panels to hold the tomatoes off the ground, and with 31 plants this year, I should get another bumper crop of these red beauties this year to make my sauces and juice, as well as enjoy fresh tomatoes with every meal.

Broccoli is looking real nice. Can't wait to have fresh veggies at every meal in a month or little longer. I have enjoyed radishes and using my green onions in meals. Lettuce is about ready for picking and having wilted lettuce for my meals soon.

On the way home, I stopped on the Macoupin bridge and took a picture of the water racing down stream. It's up, but not out of it's banks. IL river is out of it's banks in places, but slowly going down. the river towns are getting back into business, which were closed for a few days, with water up into them. I pray the south, which is now flooded with our waters from up north here, don't have long til they too can get back to normal, and clean up will take long, but hope their spirits last and God blesses them with help and not much loss.

I don't feel guilty at all for running away yesterday for a couple hours. I so enjoyed walking in the mud to see how things were growing. God does bless us even when we are selfish.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning, and for following! It's been a fun journey, this blogging has...hope your weather cooperates for you...we had 3" just since milkin time last evening, and we're hoping the corn comes up!!

  2. Good for you for giving yourself time to just enjoy. Garden is coming along nicely. I'm behind. Aaack!

  3. I think we have chickens sneaking into our garden. Haven't made my way down to check since Sunday. Yours looks good though!


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