Friday, May 27, 2011

My little Kiley played in the rain puddles after the brief shower before the storms moved in Tuesday afternoon.

My little squirrel friends that I fed all winter, they are invading my flower containers and flower beds this spring.
I think I am regretting feeding them so close to the house. But I wanted to watch them all winter. Now I am watching them destroy my flowers. Not a good thing.

Have to look closely to the bare spots in the flower bed, but I got my tender plantings in there, with the help of all kids.

I just hope they didn't get drowned with all the rain we received right after we got them in the ground.

My perennials are growing great. I wish I had started my seedlings earlier, so they had buds on them when we planted. But I held off due to cool temps.

And I had to get my garden plants started and growing first, then the flowers. I have 4 sunflowers yet to place in flower bed.

The afternoon got away from us, and I had the kids dig up 2 hos ta plants and take to their house, and they had to beat the rains coming in.

I am not sure what the flower here is with the pink and white blooms, but I sure love it. I have had this one going on like 8 years now.

Comes up every year and is loaded with flowers all spring and summer. My hollyhocks come up again this year. But really, I think they stayed green all winter under the snow.

They were growing when I cleaned the flower bed out and started working it for planting.

I cut all my daffodils to go dormant already.

So planting the transplants around those areas to fill in for summer blooms.

My yellow rose bush is bloomed already. It's short yet, but if it blooms like it has in the past few years, it will get over 5 foot tall and have the biggest most beautiful blooms this summer that I have ever had the pleasure of growing.

My little red rose bush didn't grow last year. But I left the root, hoping it might thrive. This year is has, and it has a side rooted rose bush growing about 6 inches from it. Can't wait to see how it turns out this summer and if it will give me some pretty blooms.

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  1. Everything looks beautiful! Especially that precious granddaughter of yours. Getting so big so quick. ~Sigh~ They grow up so fast, don't they?


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