Monday, May 30, 2011


I prayed a selfish prayer this morning.

I asked God to take away my pain, to heal my body and mold me into his follower and teacher of His word, in ways that are blind to me.

I have days when I have to push myself to do my chores/duties around the house and farm.

Today I really would like the energy and strength to work in my garden, help Steve get things ready for our club pull, and just have a "feel good ole me" day.

Thoughts of getting things done on this long weekend off for Steve and I, well, the to do list is still unmarked off, and I am feeling it has been a waste of time.

Ony things we have accomplished so far this weekend, mowing at track area, cleaning out shed, washing and waxing 3 of our tractors, and attending a graduation party for my niece.

It's back to work for Steve in the morning, so today is the last day for getting things done. My prayer is being sent for the stamina to keep going today, and the feeling of accomplishment tonight when the sun goes down.

God bless everyone.

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  1. Nothing wrong with that prayer! Did He answer the way you hoped?


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