Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another Sunny Day with a chance of clouds

Today was another nice sunny day here in mid America. White puffy clouds in the sky, reminding me how I spent some of my summer days as a child. Swinging as high as I could, watching the sky for cloud animals to appear. Often we could catch a glimpse of a face in the clouds, but mostly my imagination created animals and birds. Wind in my face as I reared back to point my feet to climb higher into the air, hair in my face as I come back to earth.
Instead of swinging today, Melanie and I mowed the track area. Come home to eat lunch, and an unexpected visit by one of my nephews. Was so good to see him and the girls and Kiley and I had a great visit with him. Told him to be sure to come back and visit with his wife and son one day soon.
The visit cut short my things to do today, but I will just get to them tomorrow.
We had a club meeting tonight, only 6 of us showed, others busy in the fields still. Nothing major, just me letting the members know what we needed to be ready for the first pull. Most of the organizing and things to get for the pull fall on me anyway. My list is long, and I will be ready.
Melanie and Kiley left at 3, I mowed our yard, Leslie used the weed eater around things, and then she started raking maple tree seeds, I call twirlies, from pea rocked patio area. I have more raking to do in the flower beds and landscaping to get the buggers out, many are already growing little trees, and the lawn have many growing as well. I had started raking this morning while waiting for the sun to dry the dew from the grass. Didn't get much accomplished raking, but a start is better than nothing.
I need to tell Steve, the shocks on the mower is bad, I felt every bump out there mowing, in my back, oh, no shocks on mowers, that's right. Wonder why no one has invented easy riding rider mowers? Are we that far back in inventions, no one has thought of this idea? Huuummm, maybe a patten pending in the future?

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  1. Sounds like a positive and productive day. Love the picture. Made me giggle inside!


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