Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some like it cold, some like it hot.

Mother Nature is answering all the wishes for

hot and cold weather demands it seems.

One day it's hot enough for the air conditioning

that evening it's back to turning on the furnace

to take the chill off the house.

Today would have been a good day to finish

burning my brush pile at the farm. I started

it one day while working in garden, but it didn't

take off and burn, but for the back side of it.

Rain set in, so now I will have to wait to try

again when it's dry. But the cool front we have

would have been a perfect hot dog roast day,

as the temps are only into the 50's for highs.

We have to take the wood splitter up and get

this pile of wood split in the next few weeks.

I had help one afternoon a couple weeks ago

cleaning up around the waterways, and we

all got all this wood cut and brush stacked

in only 3 hours.

There is always more to clean up, and once

I am watching my garden grow, those days

I will be able to get more picked up and finally

see much improvement. Last years storms

pretty well dropped most of the limbs off of

the willow trees growing, and my mower

doesn't like chopping up those.

With the weather today, we sort of took a

lazy day to just rest and hang out. Kiley had

spent the night with us, slept all night,

and then went shopping with us this morning

for some grocery items we needed. Steve

and I even took her to McD's for breakfast.

Steve and I love spending time with little K.

She's not spoiled, she's well loved.

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