Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1, 2011

June is upon us already. Hard to believe 5 months of 2011 are behind us.

June brings plenty of sun shine and the heat of summer to come. Already into the 90's. Hot and humid. Looking forward to watching the garden and crops grow from the warmth and sun.

It also brought out the buffalo gnats. Such bothersome insects. I think I got bitten by one on my left eye lid. Woke to swelling and half open eye. I used ice first, then warm compress then massage the top lid to work the swelling out and get the eye to drain. Suffered all day with looking at a blob next to my nose. By evening it had gone down considerably, but it messed up my day of working outside, as the sun irritated it. Tonight I suffer with the itchy healing. Boy, do I look a sight. lol

Getting things ready for the first pull of the season this coming Sunday. Sure hoping for a great turnout of pullers. Our summer socializing tends to be our tractor pulls. Many friends have been made over the years. And this year we have lost several whom will be remembered with a moment of silence at our first pull.


  1. Can you believe half the year is gone already? We're having our mid-term school break for 2 weeks and I'm already pulling my hair out with the kids at home all day!!!

  2. You had hot and humid yesterday? It was rather chilly here. Same today.
    I've never heard of a buffalo gnat and by your description of the damage they can cause, I think I'm rather glad I haven't!
    Sounds like you have lots of summer fun ahead. Yay!


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