Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunday was play time May 22

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. West Alton, MO was host to an antique tractor pull. Of course we went, and had a good time. Started out with a moment of silence for a long time friend, sled owner / operator / tractor puller. Al Mankey lost his battle with cancer. RIP Al

I pulled 3750# class, finished with 2nd place. Track was a good hard one, and my little H did a good job holding the track as I pulled. Didn't float the front end one time. Steve missed me having the front end in the air. I was happy with no wheelies at this pull, like I had in March at Fruitland's pull.

Steve pulled the 3800#, 4000#, 4500# and 5000# classes. He took a 1st, 2-2nds, and a 4th place in his classes. We were very happy with the day. Dave and Kiley come over in my truck, and Kiley and I were able to leave when it got too hot for us. Guy's got home around 4. But Steve loves hanging around and talking with all the pullers after he's done pulling. He's always ready to help other pullers when they need a pull off, if their tractor dies and won't start up. Our friends know they can rely on us to help when needed, and they are always right there for us when we need them. Love our pulling buddies.


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