Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday May 15, 2011

Another rainy day here in mid America. The rain fell slow and steady all afternoon. We need this type of rain, instead of the down pouring storms we had in April. But it would have been nice to see a peek of sunshine at some point in the day. We had this same type day yesterday, and two days in a row, when I am finally able to do more than little things, as my back and hip are feeling much better, has made for some stiff muscles from sitting around.

I got little things done around the house, some laundry, cleaning of cabinets, going thru pantry to make grocery list, which thankfully can be put off for another week, as shopping isn't something I like doing at all. I have a project to make for Melanie now, she called and asked me to make her 2 runners for the new shelf Dave made her for her birthday. She doesn't want anything sitting on her stain and varnish job yet. I am catching up on some crocheting I had started this last winter, didn't get done, so it's got my hands busy. Just wish I had more physical things to do right now, feeling like walking and bending with the little I had done lately. And of course, there is the gardening bug in me right now. I did plant some zucchini seeds today in cups. I had forgotten to plant them back when I planted my tomato seeds. I hope with the sign right, I will have sprouts in a few days and they will be ready to set in the garden as soon as it's dry enough. I have flower plants to put in, but too rainy to work at that.

Too bad we didn't plan for a rainy weekend and invite over or invite ourselves to visit while we couldn't do anything. Our tractor pull Sunday was cancelled due to rain.

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  1. Some rain here, not a lot but the winds were so wicked that it would have been pointless to try to seed my garden.
    Hope your stiffness and aches leave with the cold weather and that this coming week brings health and warmth to you.


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