Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Me and My Shadow

Easter evening, Melanie, Dave and Kiley stopped by when they got in town after visiting with Dave's family for the weekend. Kiley looked so cute in her little Easter dress, and she walked and played very lady like in it.

I couldn't help but want a picture of her with me, we got all of us with her, but this one is just of me and my shadow. Anywhere I go, you will find this little girl helping me. Whether it's cleaning house (she likes walking on fresh wet mopped floors), loading the dishwasher, (she unloads it, or closes the door on me), vacuuming the carpets (she stands in front of the vac and let's me vac her feet), folding laundry (she likes taking off with a pile of folded clothes and running away giggling), working outside in garden or flower beds (she eats the dirt clods, and finds any rocks that lay around), picking up debris from the yard (she good at picking up sticks, and picking her favorite ones to chew on), re-arranging furniture (her little grunts and groans as she pushes things with me), raking leaves (she has her own rake). Well enough listing what the two of us do.

It's been so re-vitalizing for me, these last 20 months bonding with my granddaughter. This time has also re-bonded me with my own girls and my son in law. I have been so blessed with my family. My love for them grows everyday in every way.

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  1. What a great picture and memory! You two definitely deserve some special pics together. And you are lookin' mighty fine there Grandma!
    Bet Kiley helps you see through the eyes of a child every day. Blessings for sure.


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