Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday - Feb. 29, 2010

Sun is shining, temps are warming. Outside waits for sprucing up, gathering twiggs and left over leaves from the fall. Snow is melted, ground is thawing, grass is greening, young early perrinnals are popping out of the soil. Spring is trying to emerge, still chances of snow, but the worst of winter is behind us.

Cleaned in my front flower bed yesterday afternoon while waiting on Steve to get back from picking up cousins truck for them, now waiting for him to get home from dropping it off at farm to park til they can get it fixed. Praying things for them work out and they get settled. We will enjoy their visit while they are here with us. So much catching up to do. They have lived away for too many years. Her and I have been best friends as well as cousins. Our kids were raised calling each of us aunt and uncle.

I had to re-arrange some things in house to accomodate them, but nothing major. I am looking forward to the company as well as she will be helping me do anything I am doing for the day. Will be nice working with someone for a change, and I am hoping to get them some little wood gifts made for their home while they are here and letting her help and learn how to do her own. She loves to sew, and I have some material for making some little dresses for Kiley, she might just take pitty on me not wanting to sit in the house and sew them up for me if I cut them out.

Steve and I are planning on trip in couple weeks for our anniversary. Yesterday marked 30 years since we signed papers and bought our house. I remember little dates like that. Brought happy memories to me.

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