Friday, February 26, 2010

People places and things

It amazes me that so often in life we meet many people and often never give them another thought, then we happen to meet someone who weights heavy on our minds, or touches us in ways that keep us thinking of them for days at a time.

Since I started blogging, I have so enjoyed reading other peoples lives as they describe their days, plans for future and the best thing is watching their family grow and the love they share in the lives they live. I have found many personalities out in blog world, and the one thing I find we all have in common is the joy we find in writing our own ways and thoughts.

Tonight I sit here with my mind spinning with thoughts of warm tomorrows, winds drying the ground, spring plantings, green grass, leaves growing on the trees, and most of all being able to get outside and playing in the soil to bring alive my flowers for some color to view besides the black and white and gray of winter.

As this winter has been the first in over 2o some years for me to get thru without working outside the home, it was a challenge for me to find things to keep me busy and sane. I managed so far, and the biggest challenge now is keeping my focus for a few more weeks. The last few days I have noticed hives breaking out on my body, a tale tale sign I am starting to fidget.

Today was cold, temps stayed just below freezing, but the sun did manage to thaw some of the frozen areas, one - our driveway again. It has taken a beating this winter, and one of the first things we have to do as soon as it warms up is to get several loads of rock hauled in and spread on it. I did take a few minutes here and there between naps of the little one to get out and start racking up some of the wood splitting mess which has accumulated under and around the log splitter and the end of porch where I have swept off debri as I hauled wood in from stacked area. I left little piles around to be picked up later, and will get them one at a time as I take my outside breaks of a minute or two here and there.

I did compile a few of my yard and garden tools also. I bought me a new little rake to use on the flower beds to remove those last few leaves which fell after the major yard cleanup. The winds have been blowing and I also have trash coming from everyone elses yards into mine. I picked up a large peice of that foam packing stuff from the front yard, someone had used it to spray paint on, and somehow it ended up on my sidewalk. I also witnessed a plastic bag flying freely thru the air like a balloon. I hope it ends up in someone elses yard. I wouldn't want to be stingy in being the only one picking up the yard come nice weather.

The end of February is upon us. As I noted the date yesterday was the 25th, that makes it only 10 months til Christmas. Saying it that way makes the time seem to move away from remembering it's cold weather time still here, making it seem to be coming months from now.

My plans for today is to get the leaves raked off my easter lillies in the flower beds so they may grow strong and proud and flower bright yellow blooms for me by Easter if not before. My hyacinths are ready to be planted outside as soon as weather permits. My outside house plants I bring in every year are pushing toward the window wanting out too. Little Kiley and I stand at the door and look outside together, I think we both want out of the house. Boy, I am sure looking forward to my weekend getaway planned soon. When Steve said he may have to work that weekend, I told him that I was going whether he went or not. I think he may trade weekends with someone at work so he can go, for he knows I go when I say I am going. I am looking so forward to getting away, just for a weekend.

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  1. Where are you going?

    I sat outside today thinking that I could have been preparing something for spring, but I didn't!


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