Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another project complete, *needed: Secretary/Accountant which works for free*

My quilt shelf is complete and upon wall in use. Unfortunately the quilt (in laws anniversary quilt) being a queen size, the display isn't the whole view of the quilt, just the middle which I painted back in 1988 for their 40th wedding anniversary, hence the maroon ruffle trim and quilting ties as 40th is ruby. After this was completed, they added roof to front porch and awning on side porch and of course a porch glider swing on front porch also for swinging the grand babies. Now I sit across the room and admire the place Steve helped them build themselves and called his home for years. The place I also called home for the time we lived there, while our own home was being redone after our house fire.
It turned into a major brain storming when hanging it on wall. Our old house is a contractors nightmare, this room having been built before 1829, the first year of title and deeding homes in our county. So the hand hewed lumber in the walls are not, I repeat, NOT straight at all. The wall waves as you look across it from the side. But Steve managed to figure out what we needed.
Busy busy week, I had. So much mental work to do in the early spring, and I am not good at sitting down for long periods of time to complete the paper trail of things needing done. My desk needs a competent secretary/accountant to get it cleaned and everything updated and filed. I managed to get most of the errand runnings done for paperwork, now time to finish my end of it. And of all times to coincide, I also have the club preparations to finish for this afternoons meeting.
Melanie and Dave both had flu this week, and Kiley spent most of the time here at our house so they could rest and get better. The family thinks I have her spoiled, cause she thinks every time I walk in room she needs me to pick her up and hold her. I do pick her up and hold her and kiss her and love on her and get hugs from her, and make her giggle and smile, but I told them she isn't spoilt, she's just well loved. She loves to spend time in same room as I am in, and she whines and screams when she can see me in other room, but gee, I have to keep an eye on her and what better way than keeping her in same room with me when I am the only one home with her during the day. We just need to work on when others are here too, she can play in room with them and not have Grandma "on hand at all times". She's 6 months old today. She sits up and plays with toys, she rolls around to get where she wants to go, she gets on her hands and knees and is trying to figure out how to crawl, she stands unassisted holding onto couch or table all by herself for minutes at a time, she boogies to music and when told to "boogie baby", she pulls hair, but knows already to let go when she hears, "HAIR". She knows the hand in air when someone says "Hi", she is learning wave for "bye", for now she turns her little wrist when she waves and closes her hand at same time, she is starting to eat table food, it's so cute to watch her chew her food, she loves toast and baby cookie biscuits, and is loving drinking at meal time out of a "big girl cup". Funny thing is she refuses to drink from a sippy cup, she doesn't want the lid on it, she actually drinks from a cup. She croons "rock a bye baby" when she gets tired, and gives her Grandma plenty of gray hair when she tries to get off the bed while I am trying to change her diaper. I've had to swallow back my heart a few times, for she is so fast or else I am just too slow. But I am proud to say, she hasn't gotten/fallen off so far, thank God. Guess that's enough bragging for now.
Temps are warming up in our area, ground outside is so soft, and it's raining this weekend. With the thaw in the ground only inches deep, this rain will have to run off as it won't soak in, so low lying areas will flood some. But at least the sun is shining some on most days, and the days are getting longer with daylight, so Steve gets home before total darkness now. As soon as the ground is dry on top, I need to get out there and pick up sticks from trees which have fallen since fall yard cleanup. I walked around looking at my flower beds and see my Easter lilies are about an inch high already. At this rate they will be flowered before Easter it looks like. Hope this is major sign of spring coming early this year.
I have managed to get through this first winter of not working without the winter blahs, as I have found some projects to do and am thinking of another project for the next few weeks before I can actually get outside working again. I am thinking of making some window boxes for some of my windows. They would look so nice filled with flowers this summer. So the brain is forming images of how to make them and also to have them look attractive when empty in winter too. I'm seeing designs in my sleep. (when I sleep)
So off I go, got paperwork to be done, and it must be done this morning, as meeting time is 2PM.

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  1. I'll pay half her zero salary if she'll be my secretary too!


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