Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Prayers

March brings impatience to most gardeners. Once the air warms and the grounds start to thaw, a trend emerges when seeing trees budding, lawns starting to turn green, while awakening dorment winter plants, it also nudges the minds hibernation from outside hobbies during winter months.
Days begin with inside chores finished in record time, just to add to the daily chore list the preparations for outside duties. Prayers at night include asking for warmth and sun to aid in readying the soil for planting. Protesting of muscles to come as new activities are added each day. Dreams of bright colors after gray, black and white images for months, along with shedding of layers of clothes to work outside. New life spouts from all living things. Spring is in the air.


  1. Cute picture. Makes me anxious! March came in like a lamb for us. If it's going to roar like a lion on the way out, I sure hope it's a hot roar!

  2. I missed this post! I like the graphic too. Are ya itching to really get at it?


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