Saturday, February 6, 2010

A New Toy

Ok,  Steve and I went out last night and picked up this new little toy for me to play with. 
I didn't try it out last night when we got home,  I just unpackaged it and left it on the kitchen table. 
At 5:30am,  I was up with it plugged in heating,  and was mopping my floors with it. 
I am impressed,  as yesterday I mopped all my floors while cleaning house and not much was tracked in,  in the way of dirt or wet foot prints,  and the white pad I used this morning was dirty after I got done.  I do plan to use this daily til all build up is off the floors,  for I have used Lysol/Mr Clean products on them when I mop,  and the commericals say it will clean build-up. 
When I first used it,  the steam smell,  smelt like ironing day thru the house.  I didn't care for that smell.  And the instructions say use only tap water or distilled,  no chemicals or scented oils,  stuff like that.  But it didn't say not to use vinegar.  I put just a tablespoon in my water when I got ready to use it yet again on my floors.  Yes,  I did them again.  The smell is clean,  and no more ironing day reminders of growing up with a day dedicated to that task. 

Now if only I could figure out how to rotate my house so I could use it on the walls,  and ceilings.  It's very easy to use,  and not so hard on the back like scrubbing with mop or on hands and knees. 
I think the money invested in this is going to be well spent.  JMO

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