Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Steve

Today is Steve's 52nd Birthday.

The years have been very good to him, and he's having the time of his life being a grandfather. Our girls are very close to him, and he often said over the years, "who needs boys when my girls can do anything a boy can do." He has always been good at showing them how to do things, they prefer helping him tear down and repair a motor than cooking or doing anything in the house with me.

Now with a son in law, he's very happy to include him in teaching him things he will need to know for the future, so Steve has 3 helpers now, but grow up ones. Little Kiley will be among his helpers this summer I am sure, and he will just love that.
Today we will spend the day together with the family, making him King for the day and celebrating with him with a special dinner, cake and ice cream. I don't believe anyone is ever too old for a birthday party.


  1. Happy Birthday Steve! Hope you have a great day. Happy Valentines to all of you.
    Hugs from Wisconsin.

  2. Happy Late Birthday, Steve!

    Tony is 3 months older than him...


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