Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little Log Table

 This is completed little table I made using just small limb and chunk of a limb that I thought looked neat.  The top is just a piece of scrap lumber which I rounded the corners of and Leslie painted the IH logo on it.  She thought it needed to be in theme with our collection of other memorabilia.  Tomorrow the table can go outside on my back porch by my chair. 

While Leslie painted this today,  I made bread pudding with some old bread sitting in the bread box.  Can't see throwing it away because it got stale.  It's been some time since I made a batch of bread pudding and it sure hit the spot tonight. 

Also today,  I got  the shelf supports all sanded and ready to mount on shelf.  When Steve got home from work,  we went to Farm & Home to pick up the hardware for hanging the shelf on wall. 

While shopping,  they had out the spring garden seeds and I bought my seeds for planting my garden.  I will start up my tomato and pepper seeds in my kitchen windows,  after I check the signs for planting what plants.  They didn't have any onion sets or seed potatoes yet.  And I didn't see any baby chicks yet.  They are totally remodeling the store here in our town,  so things are a bit untidy right now.  But we didn't mind at all. 

Have errands to run tomorrow to pick up paper work so we can get our collection of tax papers to accountant to work on.  Have to pay the house/farm insurance while I am out.  I hope Leslie is able to go with me,  for I have Kiley too.  She loves to go,  but is hard for me to handle alone,  in and out of truck. 

After errands are done,  my plans are to finish putting the shelf together and varnish and stain it so hopefully Steve can hang it for me on Friday evening while Dave is off to help him mount it.  I still have to make the tabs to hold the quilt on the rod and I need to pick up the dowel rod tomorrow while I am out.  I also have to shop for present for Steve for his birthday.  I will need help with it too when I get it home,  so looks like Leslie is volunteering for the help committee and she doesn't know it yet.  lol


  1. You are very creative and talented! Good to read what's been going on while I've been unable to computer.


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