Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter coming around again, baby plays at night.

Looks like snow is on the way for our area,  and much of the USA.  Our area has been slightly under what's normal,  or old time winters used to be like.  As a kid I can remember snow coming as soon as Thanksgiving and staying on into Feb.  Some years it would melt then snow some more,  melt,  keeping pattern for a "real" winter.  2 years ago,  we had a very warm winter,  temps in 50's thru 70's for the month of January.  I can remember opening the windows for it was so nice here.  Then about 13 years ago,  everytime the weather forecasters would predict a dusting to an inch,  the sky opened up and dropped anywhere from 6-10" inches at a time.  We laughed all winter,  when they said "flurries"  we got out the shovels.  This made for the next winter of forecasting them making jokes from the winter before.  The last years though,  they have been pretty well right on the mark with forecasts. 

So far,  they are calling for 1"-3" here.  That should be a very nice snow. 

Kiley spent the night last night with us.  Her mom is sick w/flu.  She got her bath and was in bed by 9pm.  At 1,  she was up,  she then played til 3am.  I tried to get her back to sleep,  but no,  she wasn't going back just yet.  After she layed in my bed and played with Grandpa's beard and my face and hair,  I put her into her bed.  She sleeps in basinett on my side of the room,  she layed and talked to herself, played with her toes and feet,  sung a little to me,  while I layed there with lamp on reading my book.  Then she wiggled around some,  and went to sleep.  At about 3:30am,  I put my book down and turned off the light.  The alarm at 6:15am this morning woke us up,  she went back to sleep right away,  I kicked Steve to wake him,  I went back to sleep myself,  but phone call from Melanie at 7:10am this morning got me up.  Now, here it is 9am and she is still asleep.  So I have enjoyed waking with my morning coffee and some quiet time alone.  I am sure it won't be long and she will be up and around for the day. 

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  1. Will you have her the whole time Melanie is sick?


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